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Acute apical periodontitis

Acute apical periodontitis

Acute apical periodontitis occurs in the apical periodontal as an inflammation that results from a complication of the  inflammatory process of the pulp.

There are many forms of acute apical periodontitis.

Any aggressor who can produce an imbalance can be a determining factor:

  • Injuries such as bruxism, malocclusions, prosthetic, endodontic treatments.
  • Chemical agents: substances that reach the apical tissue;
  • Microbial agents: microorganisms that reach the apical tissue level through the root canal, peridontal pockets etc.



  • Malaise (fever, chills);
  • Pain upon percussion;
  • Acute pain;
  • Swelling of the mucous membrane and skin;



Acute apical periodontitis requires complex treatment – eliminating the cause (usually by treating pulpitis or gangrene). Treatment is particular from one patient to another, depending on the reactivity of each individual and teeth condition.

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