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Professional whitening

A sparkling smile - The starting point of our success

These days a pleasant physical apperance is becoming more important in getting a job and consolidating succes in profesional careeas well as in establishing open and cordial relationships with people from our private life. A great part of our apperance is given by a beautiful smile showing straight and white teeth.
White straight teeth don’t reveal information only about our oral hygiene but also about our health state and play and important role in physical attraction. As we get older our teeth’s color changes. Most of the times a person with white teeth is considered to be younger.
There are many reasons why our teeth stop being as white and sparkling as we want them to be. Over the years they loose their natural white color. This process is accelerated by smoking, drinking red wine, tea, or eating groceries which contain strong colorants. Even more, dental cavities and tartar accumulation also determine tooth color to change to a yellow, unattreactive shade.

Perfect teeth whitening isn't a magic trick, but the result of a complex examination done by our esthetician dentist.

There currently are series of teeth whitening treatments aiming at a professional whitening. Before considering any of these options you will have to take into account personal oral hygiene evaluation and taking the necessary measures (detartring and cutting down on the elements that significantly contribute to teeth coloring). When we get a professional whitening treatment we actually act on the dental enamel. The thicker it is the whiter your teeth will become. If your tooth dentin has a darker shade (yellow or brown) your teeth won’t be as white those of people who don’t have this problem. To maximize the effect of the whitening treatment it is important that each person gets a specialist…

…examination. The esthetician dentist is the only one who can recommend the right option for each patient. Whitening is just a part of a beautiful and attractive smile. Correcting the position of some of your teeth as well as other small adjustments may be necessary in getting the smile you always wanted. It is also very important to have a detailed oral cavity examination at the esthetician dentist. He will decide what are the steps you need to take in order to get your dream smile. Your teeth whitening will be a success only if it is done or supervised by an esthetician dentist.

A sparkling smile shows self confidence: the first thing people around you will notice

At City Dent we use BEYOND teeth whitening system which is based on the most innovative technology and the most advanced whitening materials currently existing. With their help we hope to safely whiten your teeth and get maximum result unequalled by any teeth whitening system presently existing in Romania.
The whitening gel used at our clinic (based on Hydrogen Peroxide) contains active ingredients which clean not only stains from the surface of the teeth but also in-depth ones. This way your teeth will whiten faster and will stay this way for a long time.

To assure maximum protection and comfort, the whitening treatment lasts only 60 minutes. This way the risk of experiencing excessive dental sensitivity is minimized. At City Dent we use Beyond whitening accelerator to hasten the whole process. We offer you an almost immediate white and sparkling smile in the same time period necessary for a quality massage, a hairdressers appointment or for an enviable manicure. Even more, the teeth will continue to whiten in the next 48-72 hours after treatment.

Pieces of advice after a whitening treatment at CityDent

* brush your teeth two times per day (in the morning and in the evening) using a desensitizing toothpaste (Sensodyne Fluoride) for approximately 2 weeks. At the end of this period us an after whitening tooth paste.
* avoid consuming teeth-coloring substances. Try not to have or cut down on: coffee, tea, red whine, tomato juice, soy juice, balsamic vinegar, forest fruits, cherry juice.
* it is advisable to try not smoking after the treatment. In the days following the procedure to minimize consolidation of the healed dental enamel try to drink liquids using a straw.
* if you have the possibility, avoid acid groceries for 1 to 3 days after the treatment.
* some patients may experience dental sensitivity. This is a normal moderate intensity reaction. Even so, in some patient’s case the pain can be strong. In this situation, administration of analgesics like Ketonal or Nurofen is recommended.

Do you want to know more about the beauty of your smile?

Ask us about front teeth esthetics at office@citydent.ro or get an appointment for a consultation with your CityDent specialist, online or at the following telephone numbers: +4021.230.21.96 / +40740.621.090

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