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Dental fluorosis

Dental fluorosis

Depending on the development state of fluorosis it can manifest itself in three forms of coloration:

  1. yellow-brown coloration interposed by white transversal lines, but with no loss of enamel;
  2. yellow-gray-brown spots associated with opaque white areas and rough tooth surfaces;
  3. enamel is brittle and falls off in pieces from the dentin.

Color changes caused by fluorosis occurs if, as a child, within his first 7 years, the patient ingests a quantity of fluoride than exceeds 1mg/L of water. Because of the interaction fluoride has with the calcification process the enamel becomes porous and opaque.


The first two manifestations of fluorosis can be dealt with by repeated whitening treatments until the color is uniform. In the more severe form however, after the whitening treatment, dental facets are required.

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