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Pericoronitis is a lesion of septic complications that occurs in the penultimate posterior molar, next to the wisdom tooth.

Pericoronitis appears due to inclusion by the wisdom teeth, which most often remain within the bone.



  • Pain in the last molar;
  • Failure to open mouth (tremor);
  • Discomfort while swallowing;
  • Inflamed mucous membrane;
  • Applying pressure to the mucous membrane causes a purulent discharge.


Lavage (irrigation) with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic substances. If pericoronaritei suppurated collection is made purulent drainage beneath the lining under local anesthesia.

Another treatment option is to cut the gum from the tooth area, where the wisdom tooth would normally penetrate the gum. This is a surgical procedure that implies the removal of the covering mucous membrane and is done after the inflammatory reactions of the pericoronitis disappear.

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