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Teeth whitening lamp

"Beyond" whitening accelerator - The magic of pure white in only one hour!

“Beyond” whitening accelerator, the most advanced whitening device produced by the world leader in professional teeth whitening (www.beyonddent.com) is available for City Dent clients. In just 40 minutes to 1 hour, teeth decolouring intervened over many years can be completely removed. This only in a period of time you would spend with friends over coffee or having your hair and manicure done at an en vogue salon. Unlike many whitening devices present in Romanian dental cabinets, the Beyond whitening accelerator our clinic offers isn’t just a led matrix which only cleans teeth without truly whitening them. It helps us offer the best, safest and most advanced whitening treatment!

Description of the accelerate whitening process done with the help of "Beyond"

It all starts with a high intensity pure blue light beam filtered using 12,000 optical fibres with a total length of over 1 kilometre and a half. In the end, the beam passes through two optical lenses- each having 30 overlapping layers of optical glass, to illuminate the patients’ teeth with a wavelength between 480 to 520 nanometres-considered by field specialists as the best one for teeth whitening. Both the Ultraviolet light and the Infrared one, which are considered harmful, are completely removed by the filtering system that allows only the cold blue light to pass. It penetrates deep into the tooth surface and activates the whitening formula at its optimal potential. By using the newest optical techniques the laser light emitted by Beyond is at a much lower temperature than that of similar products found in Romanian clinics, this way avoiding dental nerves irritation.

Within an hour of treatment, the beam of light emitted with the help of Beyond quickly oxidises the pigmentation of over 16 frontal teeth that define our smile and gives them a beautiful white shade. We make sure we minimise the risk of gum irritation by applying protection gel. Whitening between 5 to 14 shades on VITA scale (http://vident.com/estore-us/vita-classical-shade-guide/) with an average improvement of 8 shades is registered during only one treatment with Beyond whitening accelerator. The special ingredients found in the whitening gel make teeth sparkling and give them a beautiful white shade. The result is 30% better them the one obtained by home whitening or similar technologies.

What are the terms for the accelerated whitening treatment?

With the help of Beyond we can get results that exceed the expectations of anyone who desires to beautify their smile by teeth whitening. This technology is also available for individuals who have stains on their teeth caused by smoking, drinking coffee or tea. The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women or people who suffer from periodontal disease.

Teeth whitening can be harmful if the used products are of inferior quality and also when the doctor doing the procedure isn’t completely trained or experimented. At City Dent we are equipped to examine and offer you the best medical approach to whiten your teeth.

Do you want to learn more about the beauty of your smile?

Ask us about our high quality technology at office@citydent.ro or schedule an appointment for a consultation with your CityDent specialist, online or at the following telephone numbers: +4021.230.21.96 / +40740.621.090

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