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Simple test for a complex protection!

With the help of pH/ acidity tests we can find out more about the patients cavity risk. The acidity level of the saliva and the bacterial plaque is directly proportional with cavity risk (the more acidic the pH is, the more possible cavities are by enamel demineralization). The test consists of collecting a small quantity of saliva and bacterial plaque with the help of a spatula. It is quick and pain-free!

At our clinic, by using a special test which can identify the nature of the bacteria found in the oral cavity of each patient, you can find out if you are sensitive periodontal disease. In its early stages this disease doesn’t present obvious signs. The test, which isn’t painful at all, consists of taking a sample from each quadrant of the oral cavity and sending it to a specialised laboratory. The result will be interpreted by a periodontologist and the patients will have to follow the recommended treatment options.

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