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Dental facets

Ceramic dental facets

Dental facets are dental prosthetics which partially cover the tooth, thus the procedure is less invasive than tooth crown placing.
At City Dent we apply ceramic facets only in the following situations:
– toot abnormal shape, volume, angle fractures, short teeth
– to correct mild tooth position anomalies, rotated teeth
– dental dystrophies
– teeth discromy from fluorosis, tetracycline discromy – in which teeth whitening doesn’t work
– closing the space between teeth in the case of diastema (gapped teeth)

Ceramic facets allow prosthetic dentistry treatments that perfectly mimic natural healthy teeth.

Translucency is an important quality of dental enamel. When the light reaches the tooth surface it is not immediately reflected, but enters the enamel layer all the way to the inner dentin and then as a consequence of it’s opaqueness it is reflected back. The light’s transit through the enamel layer is the reason why when we smile, perfectly healthy teeth sparkle.
Due to their composition, ceramic dental facets allow the light to transit the same way dental enamel does. This is the reason why they represent a suitable option for cosmetic repairs consisting of replacing enamel form the vestibular part of the tooth (the exterior part of the tooth). At City Dent we use ceramic dental facets to repair, beautify teeth and give them the sparkle characteristic of natural and healthy ones.

Teeth faceting with ceramic facets also has the following advantages:

– polished tooth is minimal invasive
– keeps the vital tooth
– in time it doesn’t change it’s color as a result of food and drinks containing natural or artificial colorants (tea, wine, coffee) or smoking
– abrasion phenomenon doesn’t occur
– easy to hygienise, they present low bacterian plaque retention
– minimizes the original tooth’s translucidity and assure tooth contour and color with minimal risk of gum irritation
– are biocompatible
– teeth with sizable cavities/ fillings on the vestibular part

So you can enjoy a perfect smile!

Do you want to know more about the beauty of your smile?

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