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Mandibulary fracture

Mandibulary fracture

As the largest and strongest bone, the mandible is frequently prone to trauma as a result of its preeminent position.

It occurs most frequently to men and children (due to accidents falls) – a proportion of 60-80%, .



  • Spontaneous pain white moving the mandible;
  • Discomfort in swallowing and phonation;
  • Failure to chew;
  • Facial deformities;
  • Mobility of bone fragments;
  • Occlusion changes;
  • Edema;
  • Hematomas;
  • Wounds and bleeding;
  • Bruising;

Diagnosis is based on symptoms and imaging examination (panoramic dental x-ray, retro-alveolar x-ray, CT scans);



Involves the correct positioning of the bone fragments and their containment until complete restoration.

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