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About CityDent

Established in 2001, CityDent is one of the first elite centers in Romania which combines with professionalism premium stomatological services and facial esthetics for the health and beauty of their clients smile and entire complexion.

CityDent approaches the beauty of teeth as a systematic process governed by clear rules of natural aesthetics, health, functionality and psychology. These rules create, through changes made within the dental anatomical and physiological spectrum, a positive influence on the overall aesthetics of a person’s face and the personality in its totality.


CityDent means a new experience in stomatology

CityDent specialists are dedicated to creating a state of well being and overall comfort for their clients, in an unique and relaxing atmosphere.


The specialists at CityDent are up to date with the latest in the world of top dental treatments as well as that of dental esthetics. CityDent has in its team doctors who posses top professional expertise, gained both in Romania and in Western Europe. Furthermore, the clinic also benefits from the presence of specialists that are currently working outside Romania and are conducting periodic visits to ensure their clients in Romania receive personalized treatments.


The CityDent clinic, team and activity in press articles and TV appearances.

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