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Zero tolerance to infection risk

In a time when the Romanian medical system is confronted with an alarming increase in patients’ medical complications as a consequence of using unsterilized or insufficiently sterilised equipment during treatment, City Dent has as primary goal total reduction of contamination risk for its patients.

Our clinic has invested in supplying its sterilisation room with top equipment (autoclaves and hot air sterilizers). At City Dent we sterilise each instrument used on patients for every procedure. To rule-out any possible contamination, the equipment is sealed and sterilised by going through a complete cycle consisting of exposure to steam under great pressure and…

…high temperatures. Our patients can ask to personally check the equipment used during their medical procedures. They can do this by reading the elements of the equipment, the sterilisation voucher on the back of the sterilisation bags and by checking the brown coloured voucher sign and the date on the back of the kit.

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